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Iowa Payday Loans

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Iowa Payday Loan Laws

As of 1996 there were only eight payday loan lending locations within the state of Iowa. Over the next two years that number had grown to sixty-four Iowa payday loan lending locations. It is now estimated that the number has grown to hundreds of locations throughout the state. Due to this rapid increase, the state of Iowa has imposed regulations on the Iowa payday loan industry.

While there are some states where payday loan lending has been outlawed, Iowa payday loans remain legal. Payday loan lending laws in Iowa are designed to protect the customer and limit the amount that can be borrowed. Iowa residents have no minimum amount that can be borrowed but the maximum is set at $500. Additionally, the term of the loan can be for a maximum of thirty-one days and for every $100 loaned the lender can charge up to $16.67 in interest. This translates to a 435% Annual Percentage Rate.

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If you live in the state of Iowa there are several laws you should know about before applying for a payday loan from or any other payday loan lending company. These laws are designed to protect consumers and ensure that the payday loan lending industry remains within the legal limits. In most states, the fees charged for payday loans are very high but Iowa payday loans are low in comparison. Lenders working in Iowa are not permitted to charge more than $5 for each $75-$100 borrowed. If the customer borrows between $50 and $74 the maximum fee they can be charged is $3.50.

Customers approved for an Iowa payday loan must be provided with a written contract that includes information pertaining to the repayment and terms of the payday loan. They must be notified that in the event they cannot make repayment that they can be charged a maximum of $15. All written information must be provided in both English and Spanish, where applicable, and customers should be given a toll-free number to contact about complaints or questions.

Additionally, the following information must be included on the written contract in layman's terms so that they are easily understandable. If this information is not included in its entirety and is not provided in both Spanish and English, the contract is not legally binding.

  • Contact information for the borrower including the current address and phone number.
  • All applicable fees associated with the payday loan including origination fees and interest rate charges.
  • Due date that repayment must be made by.
  • The borrower's legal obligations to repay the payday loan and any additional information about the repayment terms.
  • Information pertaining to any late fees that may be charged in the event that repayment is not made by the date due.
  • The information must include the following statement in a font at least fourteen-point: "You cannot be prosecuted in criminal court to collect this loan." It's important to note that while you cannot be criminally prosecuted you can be sued in civil court for the amount of the payday loan.

Companies operating with physical locations within the state of Iowa must post in both Spanish and English terms that show fees, interests, penalties, and any additional charges associated with an Iowa payday loan. These graphs should also include an example that is easily understandable to the general public. Anyone applying for a payday loan in Iowa should also be made aware that the maximum loan length is 14 days and that they cannot borrow more than $500 at any one time. Finally, a borrower can make partial payments toward their payoff without being charged additional interest with the minimum amount being set at $5.

Iowa Unemployment Statistics

At no time in the last ten years has the Iowa rate of unemployment fallen below 1.9% or risen above 5.6%. In 2006 there were approximately 82,925 or 5% unemployed residents of Iowa.