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Alabama Payday Loans

The average American family lives paycheck to paycheck. Rarely do they have extra money lying around to cover unexpected expenses. When they find themselves without the cash to pay their bills on time, their situation only gets worse. Late payments mean penalty fees and increased interest rates. Fortunately, for those living in Alabama, payday loans are a fast and easy way to get additional cash to get through daily living until the next payday. At we want to help residents of Alabama get that cash fast, and with our simple application you can have your money the same day you apply.

Alabama Payday Loan Laws

Since 2003, residents of Alabama have been able to take advantage of short-term loans taken out against their upcoming paychecks. These loans are referred to as payday loans because they are designed to be paid back out of the borrower's next paycheck. Rather than suffering until their next payday, residents can use these Alabama payday loans as a supplement that will help them get back on solid financial ground. As of September 2004, there were approximately 1,000 Alabama payday loan lenders operating within the state, and since then that number has greatly increased.

As a resident of Alabama, have you ever been in need of a few hundred dollars to get you through until your next payday? Have you ever experienced last minute expenses that you hadn't planned for? Have you ever worried where the money was going to come from to provide your family with food? If you can answer yes to any or all these questions, then is here to put your mind and wallet at ease. In just a few minutes, you can complete our secure online application for an Alabama payday loan. As soon as your payday loan is approved, we will deposit the money into your account and you can start spending it. Use the money to cover doctor's visits, car repairs, monthly bills, or whatever you want. We are dedicated to providing you with short-term financial assistance quickly. Why not give us a try today? You could have your money by the end of the day.

In 1999, there were 19 states involved in legislation that was designed to cap the interest rates on small loans. Among these states was Alabama. Based on a ruling made by Judge Eugene Reese on June 21, 2002, payday lenders operating in the state of Alabama were able to bypass the small loan laws and continue to provide high interest rate short-term payday loans. At this time, the ruling by Reese has not been reversed in Alabama, and the litigation between the Alabama Banking Department and the Alabama Check Cashers Association is still unresolved.

This victory in the courts allows companies who offer Alabama payday loans to do so legally and without being regulated by the Small Loan Act. Since this ruling, many new companies have opened physical locations within the state and existing companies have expanded. This has also allowed Internet-based companies like to move into the area. While there are many opponents to the legalization of payday loans in Alabama, the fact remains that for the time being it is 100% legal to offer these short-term loans to Alabama residents.

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Alabama Unemployment Rates

In January 2006, there were approximately 3.8% or 87,813 residents of Alabama who were unemployed. This rate was up slightly over the figures of 3.4% in January of 2005.